Easy to lend and borrow
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What is TienOi?

A peer-to-peer lending platform, connecting people who want to borrow money and investors who want to make money.

This is the first blockchain-based P2P lending project in Vietnam using eFiat eVND to trade

on cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Decentralized lending protocols are likely to help lenders deposit their assets into a smart contract through the purchase of eVND.
The smart contract will transfer eVND to the borrower's wallet. These eVND number will be able to be converted into fiat currency.
Receive Interest
Each loan and interest rate will be attributed specified on each smart contract. The interest rate will be based on the market and the credibility of the borrower.
Why TienOi?

No lending costs - we manage the time-consuming administrative task.

Centralized, easily accessible data - lenders only pay for the data they need.

No acquisition costs - TienOi acquires borrowers on behalf of lenders.

All data in one place - Save time and money for a huge data integration cost. TienOi provides you with the data you need when you need it.

Automatic payment - TienOi connects directly to the borrower's bank account and makes payment by bank transfer.

Simplified underwriting - Lenders can easily filter the criteria and set their underwriting rules that fit their investment strategy and make an offer.

Safe and secure - TienOi uses machine learning and the latest identity verification technology to authenticate borrowers.

How it works?

Be securitized by Blockchain and direct partner of Banks and Financial Institutions.

We help you to lend, receive loans, receive interest and keep your digital assets secure by a private wallet.

For Investors

Buy eVND tokens, the money will be transferred to our account at Commercial Banks. All information is transparent on Blockchain.
Lending a loan and making a profit. The loan will be provided immediately. You don't need to pay any fees.
Receive Interest
When your loan is approved by a smart contract. You can start to receive interest and withdraw your money at any time.
At any time you want to withdraw. You just need to withdraw to your wallet, then to your bank account.

For Borrower

Request loans
Borrowers only need to request a loan on the TienOi application with the desired amount and terms.
Choose loans
The borrower then simply selects loan offers from multiple lenders with different interest rates.
Pay interest
The borrower pays interest to the lender by the negotiated term.
After completing the interest payment, the borrower can finalize the loan and close the contract.